Safety Tips Before Buying Cannabis From An Online Dispensary In Canada

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7 Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore When Obtaining Cannabis From An Online Dispensary In Canada

Being able to place your order for weed online is extremely convenient as you get what you want from the comfort of your home. After the legalization of medical and recreational use of cannabis in Canada, several sites have begun offering easy access to quality weed with minimal hassle. However, just like any legitimate business, the cannabis industry also has a good number of scammers out there.

One of the downsides of using an online dispensary in Canada is that you don’t have any face-to-face interaction with the seller. You don’t know whether the person on the other end is an honest vendor or a scammer. It’s also hard to know whether your order has been processed or even shipped. These things give an opportunity to the con artists to take advantage of ignorant people who blindly rely on a shopping site.

To safeguard your interest, information and money, we suggest that you always be alert when ordering anything from the Internet. Sometimes the warning signs are right under our noses, but we fail to notice them until it’s too late. Please remember that a reliable site will always critical things in place and if they are not, then the site is certainly not trustworthy. In this post, we will try to make you aware of some of the red flags that you should not ignore.

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#1 Too Little Or Nonexistent Customer Reviews

If a business has its presence on the Internet and it’s serious about making its presence felt in the marketplace, then it will include reviews and testimonials from previous customers on its website. However, be careful as some of these testimonials may also be made up. So, if everyone talks unrealistically about the services then this may be a red flag.

Besides the customer testimonials on the site, you may also want to look for any user/customer reviews online. If there are no reviews, then chances are good that you’re on a fake site. In some cases, you may get lucky to get warning messages from people who have been duped by scammers before. So, never ignore reviews when obtaining cannabis from any Canadian online dispensaries like

#2 The Merchant Asking For A Lot Of Personal Information

When you try to access a weed site in Canada, it’s a common practice for merchants to ask for the actual age of the customer. Therefore, this should not be taken as a red flag. It is for health benefit to keep kids below the age of 18 or 21 from entering these sites. However, if the site demands you to provide proof of age or other details such as bank account information, credit card PIN, SIN, and other information then this should not be taken lightly.

Even though the site tells you this is mandatory or required as per law, don’t give any personal information. The truth is that this type of customer information is not required by Canada’s law. As a matter of fact, you should avoid giving out personal information for any reason while doing a transaction online.

#3 Unrealistic Weed Prices

If you are planning to obtain cannabis for the first time and do not have an idea about the standard rates in Canada, then we would suggest you spend some time researching and gathering information. When you see unrealistic prices that are too high, proceed with caution. If the prices are unreasonably high, then the vendor is probably trying to rip you or dupe you.

On the other hand, if you find discounted prices that are too good to be true then chances are that the products are low-quality or the business is unreliable. Any reputable Canadian weed dispensary will not try to sell low-quality products at super discounted rates to tarnish their reputation.

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#4 No Authorization Certification 

When obtaining cannabis from an online dispensary, you have every right to ask for an authorization certification. This information should be accessible on the site, but if it is not and the vendor fails to provide it even after asking, then you should back off.

A legal and authorized vendor in Canada will always have a certificate or something to prove that it’s an authentic seller. In an absence of which, you should do yourself a favor and get weed from other sources.

#5 Non-Existent Customer Service

Any business that is serious about building its brand will have a solid customer service department in place to answer the queries of customers and help them with shipping issues. If there is poor customer service, or none at all, then we would suggest that you stay away from that headache.  

Some online dispensaries have terrible customer service while others don’t even bother to answer the basic questions asked by their customers. So, we would suggest that you stay away from these altogether or else you will have a bad experience.

#6 Avoid Clicking On Unreliable Links

By unreliable links, we are referring to the links you get in your email from unknown sources, links on message boards, social media, or any other forms of advertising. You should never trust any random stranger when it comes to obtaining cannabis from an online dispensary.

If a random person from any messaging board or social media approaches you with an unrealistic price, never fall into to these traps. The last thing you would happening is a strange creepy person standing at your door with a packet of weed. 

#7 Look For A Privacy Policy

First, you need to make sure that the seller has an authentic dispensary it uses for selling cannabis in Canada legally. Any reputable seller will have a privacy policy in place and if you don’t see one then this is a red flag.

Another way to check the security of the website is to ensure that it starts with an “https://” and if it doesn’t, then that site should be avoided. This is most important when a transaction involves you to supply your credit card or debit card information.