Everything You Need to Know about finding Shrooms in Canada

Legal Magic Mushrooms

Shrooms or magic mushrooms are all-time favorite psychedelics around the world. Those who want to get this drug should look for a source that offers high-quality, legit psilocybin mushrooms. There are many reputed online dispensaries where you can buy shrooms in Canada. They offer an extensive variety to let you select what suits your needs. However, possession and use of these mushrooms are illegal in most countries of the world. In this post, we discuss the options available to procure the drug safely and legally.

Legality of Shrooms in Canada

Canadian residents should know that psilocybin is classified as a Schedule III drug under the Substances Act. This means the sale of this psychedelic can be a crime and attract penalty though possession is legal. To be able to sell or buy shrooms, you should know the requirements. Canada is one of the leading countries in terms of the purchase and sale of magic mushrooms. You can buy shrooms online by picking the right store that delivers this drug across Canada.

Pick the Right Variety

When you intend to get psychedelic mushrooms, it is important that you make sure you get the right species according to your preferences and requirements. These are available in a great variety with about 220 species accepted in general. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and the only way to identify them is by knowing their appearance. You should get knowledge about the most common species available to start hunting for the right kind. For example, tropical regions get access to the two most popular varieties – cubensis and subcubensis.

Choose the Best Quality

Finding the best magic mushrooms can be difficult if you don’t indulge in DIY. You should find out where you can get the right quality shrooms for desired effects. Then, you should pay attention to how you can get them. Trusting the word of mouth will not work here because the products that somebody recommends may not suit your taste. So, do some online research to find out what you should buy.

Benefit of Shrooms

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Look for the Price

Cost is a critical factor when you want to get the ideal magic mushroom quality. Reading about various strains and their prices can help you make a wiser decision and save yourself from any fraud. You can also find how much you will be spending on your psychedelics.

Grow Them Yourselves

If you live in a region where you cannot procure magic mushrooms, you have the option of growing it yourself. This is not only easy but makes sure you have a supply all through the year. Moreover, you get the chance to try different strains. Even if you live in a place where it is illegal to buy shrooms, you can legally buy spores as they don’t contain the active compound. Once you decide to grow them, you can either make your substrate or get a grow kit and spores from an online source. Getting a grow kit makes it easier to get started. All you need to do is keep the kit in the right environment.