4 Things You Should Know About Marijuana in Asbury Park

Marijuana in Asbury Park

Source: MCALL

Headshops selling cannabis accessories like rolling papers, vaporizers and weed pipes are already legalized throughout the country. Now is the time to consider the weed legalization in different areas. A bill is expected to be introduced changing the landscape of weed in New Jersey. Both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana will be included in a single bill. The plan would legalize the personal use and possession of CBD for adults over the age of 21 years in the country. The number of medical dispensaries for marijuana would also increase after the bill is passed. 

Before it becomes the ‘legal weed capital’ of New Jersey, Asbury Park will have to open marijuana dispensaries. It is one of the two cities which have stated they would favor dispensaries if weed is legalized by legislators. Here are some of the most interesting things about marijuana in Asbury Park.

  1. The mayor has held meetings with businesses interested in opening dispensaries.

Over a dozen meetings have already been conducted by Mayor John Moor with weed dispensary business owners. But due to the increasing demand, he is currently limiting meetings to people living on the Jersey Shore.

  1. The appeal for legal marijuana in Asbury Park represents its cultural diversity.

Considered as one of the most diverse and progressive cities in New Jersey, Asbury Park has huge numbers of minority and LGBT populations on the Jersey Shore and is also popular for its arts and culture. According to the co-owner of Pipe Dreams Smoke Shop in the city, these people are excited to try almost everything. The shop owners are willing to obtain a license for their business which sells weed related products like vaporizers, weed pipes and rolling papers. They believe that Asbury Park can become a successful point for weed dispensary like Its Primo.

Pipe Dreams Smoke Shop is going to be New Jersey’s first CBD dispensary with edibles and vapes for human and pets. It will now offer oils, concentrates, tincture and other medicinal and recreational weed products apart from vaporizers, weed pipes and other accessories. 

  1. The small land area can limit the number of dispensaries permitted.

If a law regarding cannabis legalization is signed by the state, it will prohibit the operation of marijuana dispensaries within close proximity to churches and schools. This would make it quite difficult in the city, with an area of only 1.4 square miles, to find location appropriate for a dispensary. Moor states that the city is not yet ready to consider regulations on businesses until the legislation is passed. About one to two shops are likely to be opened.

  1. The effect of weed dispensaries on the city’s economy is not clear.

A member of the board of New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform stated that legal marijuana could benefit the economically challenged west side of Asbury Park. People will see entrepreneurship arising out of those communities. The country has a large number of communities and there are depressed areas on the point of rebounding. Such facilities easily fit into the equation. Some think it is too early to predict the effect of legal marijuana on the market of real estate. It is an interesting and important economic and political decision to be made by the town.