Drugged Driving… Putting Science In Prison

I just completed a 30 day trial of daily dosages of over 1.2g of Cannabis oil a day and I am now convinced that THC metabolites do mitigate the effects of THC. Colorado just started a “Drugged Driving Is Impaired Driving” campaign that is completely propagandist.  To infer that someone had an accident because they have Cannabis in their system does not mean it caused the accident, generic cialis for sale that is absurd to think that way. Look at the science and stop profiling us.

What ever happened to teaching people to take responsibility for themselves? I would never drive if I were impaired, viagra sales no rx but to tell me I am impaired because I am using Cannabis is an insult. Give me a driving test and you will see. I have police follow me everywhere, as I have Cannabis all over my Jeep, and I have not been pulled over for impaired driving. These ads are an insult to us as Cannabis patients.

Pills Pills Pills and More Pills

Pills Pills Pills and More Pills

This campaign may target all drugs, but 90% of this demographic are Cannabis consumers.  I support going after people driving on Ambian and other pharmaceuticals. I have lost a friend in Louisville, Colorado to a woman taking pharmaceuticals who drove over 50′ off the road striking John.  As a patient if I were to see these prejudicial posters in a dispensary, I would share it will all I can, because those that support this campaign have lost my support.  This is only going to hurt us as patients. This is just like RACISM*, the difference being that society calls us DISABLED. Why is our own industry fighting each other with this propaganda.

Where did the money come from to pay for all this advertising?  Wouldn’t it have been better spent telling the truth?

I am very concerned about MMIG, law enforcement and centers that support this. I believe that it is our responsibility as patients to confront this Drugged Driving campaign as it is demeaning to us as disabled people.  This is only furthering Refer Madness.

Beware that City of Indianapolis v. Edmond, 531 U.S. 32 (2000),  is where the Supreme Court of the United States limited the power of law enforcement to conduct suspicionless searches, specifically, using drug-sniffing dogs at roadblocks.

*Hundreds of thousands of us are in prison, have been killed, tortured and abused by law enforcement, and forced to physically build more private prisons.

UPDATE: I am now recording all my driving behavior as a demonstration to the fact that I am not impaired with the elevated doses of Cannabis.

Here is a great book that you may want to read “Science Under Siege: The Politicians’ War on Nature and Truth”  by Todd Wilkinson

Science Under Siege: The Politicians' War on Nature and Truth



2 thoughts on “Drugged Driving… Putting Science In Prison

  1. Great article Jason. I too have lost friends to prescription pills. I watch my uncle deteriorate while hooked on oxys.

    Thank you for calling out MMIG. They have done more to hurt patients than anyone else. Their shameless attack on caregivers and their greedy lobbyists have really hurt the community. Josh Stanley, of Budding Health, even testified that he called the cops on growers coming in with meds pre 1284! I refuse to shop at any place with a MMIG sticker.

  2. This campaign has added so much more stress to my life, I already had my health to worry about. Now I am afraid to leave my house because I do not want to be arrested for driving with marijuana in my system. Are they trying to KILL US?
    There is so much BULLSHIT coming from this Government, I believe we need to WAKE UP NOW and DEFEND OUR RIGHTS. This is a war on us as humans who just want to live a decent quality of life. I fought for this country and this is how it treats us? JUST SAY “NO MORE,” and take action to defend OUR FREEDOMS.
    This MMIG group is obviously not here to help the patients. The first step is to BOYCOTT MMIG and shut them down.

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