Smart Approaches to Marijuana, are you serious Mr. Kennedy?

Patrick Kennedy, cialis buy cialis a self admitted oxycotin addict, cialis usa can’t even use the correct terminology and call Cannabis what it is. Just by continuing to use the term “marijuana” he has exposed SAM’s intent to attempt to use the 80 year old stereotype, which has been broken by truth and a plethora of research, and demonize a very valuable plant. What I immediately ask is does he have a financial interest in pharmaceuticals, timber, petroleum, etc. that hemp and Cannabis may threaten?

In Denver on Wednesday January 9th, SAM, Smart Approaches to Marijuana is having a media event to try and beat the propaganda drums once again against G*d’s creation Cannabis. Please stand up, deny their fear mongering, and voice your opinion by coming to the event.  There is no obvious address, but keep your eyes and ears open and we can find it.

If we look again at the source references that are use one will notice that they are not peer-reviewed scientific references. In other words, they are inventing a boogeyman that has been proven to be fake.

The following is from the website:

Health Recap

To recap, the science is emerging on the effects of marijuana, but we can say with some certainty that marijuana use is significantly linked with:

Heart and Lung Complications (the jury is out on a connection to lung cancer, though)
Mental Illness
Car Crashes
IQ loss and poor school outcomes
Poor quality of life outcomes
Poor job performance

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