Chaz Chooses to Breathe

Imagine being a physically active teenager in High School who likes to be with his friends, best viagra nurse has a few hobbies, viagra canada a great relationship with his parents, and on top of that he actually wants to be in his classes to learn. Sounds like an ideal student, doesn’t he. Well his school in Colorado Springs doesn’t want him in class or their school for taking a medicine that alleviates symptoms of a potentially deadly and rare ailment.
“I Am Bill Smith,” Chaz Moore introduces himself as the John Doe of kids who are stereotyped by their ailment, so as to make being in a traditional classroom challenging. Chaz is a 16 year old high school student, who suffers from a rare condition called Diaphragmatic Myoclonus. This ailment is also known as diaphragmatic flutter and is a rare disorder associated with repetitive, involuntary contractions of the diaphragm and other inspiratory muscles (the muscles that assist in breathing in) which occur one to eight times per second. Its pathogenesis, the mechanism by which the disease is caused, is unknown.
Simply put they are nuclear powered hic-ups. This ailment causes his upper body to go into convulsions from the out of control spasms that are so powerful that he also suffers from severe pain. He has had scores of attacks in a day and the convulsive episode has lasted as long as 48 hours.
Chaz and his family have exhausted over a year of going in and out of hospitals and doctor visits with no improvement, dreading each doctor visit, the numerous opiate pharmaceuticals, and the lack of treatment options that didn’t leave Chaz completely doped up and almost unable to function. After talking to numerous physicians and doing their own research, the Moore family listened to the advice of two nationally recognized hospitals, Children’s Medical Center and National Jewish, to try medical marijuana.
Jennifer Sprague a spokesperson for the school district said “This is a legal situation with the state, not with the school district,” she followed with, “State law says no one can possess or ingest medical marijuana on school grounds. That is not a district rule; that is state law.”
Stop, wait a minute, did we read that with any critical thought? So where is the recognition of humanity and compassion in any of this, have people really become talk boxes? First, if the State is saying that a person can not use their medical marijuana, let’s stop here, then The State is interfering with an individual’s health care. Second, if the school is going to treat some medication different than others, than there is a problem. Is it the medicine that is being treated differently, or the person? This is only one of many situations where we can ask, no, point out that we as people who choose to use Cannabis as a medicine are being treated as Second Class Citizens.
The school spokesperson also said that Chaz can go home to take his medication and return to class after he has done so. So apparently if someone suffers from a life threatening ailment such as Chaz does, it is okay to put them at greater risk by sending them away from a place of safety that has a nurse, into an environment where he is not only alone, but vulnerable to loosing the ability to breathe, becoming disoriented in his walk home from the muscle spasms in his diaphragm. Anyone who is being forced to go home to take medicine reveals another illness, that the society is ignorant of the needs of the individual.
“I wasn’t asking to smoke weed in the bathroom, I just wanted to eat my candy so I can go back to class so I can get through to college,” said Chaz. He even told me no one is looking out for the kids? “I am going to do that.” Chaz states with a level of confidence that we don’t see in many young people. Many people say “help the kids,” but when there is a medicine and it happens to be Cannabis, all of a sudden some people treat Chaz differently. Even Chaz’s parents become the bad guys, where everyone should be punished and the person who really needs Cannabis as a medicine is inhibited from using it.
Greenway University, was a previously accredited school where people can learn more about the marijuana industry, reacted to the situation as any school should, they gave him a computer to allow him to continue his education while this mess is sorted out. Greenway didn’t stop there, because the Cannabis industry is known to go all the way, but they also offered a scholarship for when Chaz is ready and after he graduates High School.
Is Cannabis A Cause…Or A Cure?

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  1. BRAVO! Thank you for this great article! AMEN. I have been paying close attention to this story – my son legal here in Canada siince 15.
    His hish school was amazing – Thank God.
    Again – Thank you
    Respectfully – Georgia

    I assume I may share this link on my blog? 😉

  2. I do have to say this article has got to be one of the best and for me to say that is saying something. Great Job! Now if we can just get people to put down there guard long enough to really read it I think we could gain in the fight to help all the kids that Chaz (aka Bill Smith)is trying to look out for.
    KUDOS Much Love Chaz,
    Aunt Jo

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