Vote “NO” on 300 and save patient access in Fort Collins, Colorado

When people hear the term “medical marijuana” these days, cialis sale rx it likely sparks a strong reaction one way or the other. Though many “sensational” stories have made their way into the public eye via the media, viagra much of the reality of the medical cannabis community as it stands today remains largely misunderstood by the average person. READ MORE…

4 thoughts on “Vote “NO” on 300 and save patient access in Fort Collins, Colorado

  1. Medical Marihuana is safe, abudantly sustainable, and harmlessly saves lives. How is it any different than the other controlled substances out on the market to this day?

  2. Medical marijuana helps people so much but sum people cant see past the fact its considered a drug. When actually its really not a drug, drugs have chemicals in it this is just a plant that grows an u pick it an smoke it.

  3. all the way from ireland power to the people free the weed help people Medical Marihuana is safe. pitty ireland does not see it this way people here just use up tax money and the od on tablets that are goverment gives to people for free!!! much love and peace


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