Dispensary Ban Petition Causing Headaches (and more suffering)

Palisades, cialis sales here CO – A group trying to ban dispensaries in Palisade has turned in almost 200 signatures to the town’s clerk Carol Speakman.

“There were only 85 [signatures] required, medical ” says Diane Cox, “so we have over twice as many signatures as were required.”

Cox is the driving force behind the petition. If it’s validated, the town board will decide whether to pass the ban directly or send the issue to voters.

Cox is opposed by the area’s only dispensary Colorado Alternative Healthcare. The shop and its supporters have a problem with how Cox obtained her signatures.

“She laid out a lot of false, misleading accusations towards our business, towards the cannabis industry,” says dispensary co-owner Desa Loughman.

Three signatures have already been thrown out, and eight more will be thrown out because they were collected by an unregistered petitioner.

The town clerk will make her decision regarding the validity of the petition within the next few days, and then the town board will make its decision on what to do with the petition. If it goes to voters, the election would likely be held November 1.

UPDATE: by Jason Lauve

I just got off the phone with Diane Cox of East Orchard Mesa and Rocky Mountain Peach Company (970) 464-7636. After asking her what her reasons and motives were on trying to ban Cannabis centers, she replied “this has gone way beyond what the voters intended with Amendment 20.” I asked her what specifically has gone way beyond Amendment 20 and she started to reference the 3 flowering plants and how this is for seriously ill patients.

Well my first question to her was “are you aware of the trial in Boulder August 2009, that addressed Amendment 20 directly as to the fact that patients are the ones who determine how much they use and the 3/3 plant reference is just a reference?” She got very flustered and told me that is all she had to say and hung up.

I am sorry but she should not be given the time of day, let alone news coverage, if she is unable to have concrete reasons for her “feelings” let her be insane on her own. Science and evidence are what make a difference and her reasoning has neither.Mrs. Cox are you a physician that has been trained to make a diagnosis by looking at people? If so, please contact me as I have a circus show to put you in.

Boycott East Orchard Mesa and Rocky Mountain Peach Company in Palisade, Colorado if you are concerned about the health and well being of your fellow American. Let them know what they think

(970) 464-7636.

4 thoughts on “Dispensary Ban Petition Causing Headaches (and more suffering)

  1. This is going to the voters on November 1st ballot. The Town Clerk, Carol Speakman, announced that the Town Board of Trustees decided to put the ordinance before voters, rather than initiate the ban themselves.

    Diane Cox, with the pro-ban group (read ‘discriminatory group’) “Safe and Healthy Mesa County,” attended the meeting. She says she’s pleased the people of Palisade will get to determine their own destiny.

    Shame on Diane Cox for blatantly ignoring the foundation of human rights, civil rights, as well as the reason America started. Yes, I am saying she is anti-American. What are her reasons for attacking people who have cancer, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other ailments that can benefit from the use of Cannabis? Are we not able to meet her standards of what physical and mental traits of perfection? Diane Cox are you saying that you subscribe to Hitler’s concepts and how he saw the Aryans, if you are not like me you are unacceptable?

    This just reinforces the discrimination and prejudice that some people have for us as Cannabis patients. This IS a Civil Rights Issue!

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