The Feds are coming, the Feds are coming (Gallup, Gallup, gallup)

This is where we need to stand up together as a community and demand that that John Walsh show us the research and data, viagra buy viagra put your money where your mouth is, case show us the data. The data can be spun in so many ways and until the information is put on the table by the Federal Government and WE THE PEOPLE make OUR decision about this issue this is unresolved.

The protection of our children and young people is of our utmost concern and to continue with the rhetoric that is spewing from the federal servants is to harm our children in the worst way. Our children see through the propaganda and lies that have been propagated for so many years, why do you think that we are at this point anyway?

I love you as a human, but your propaganda is profound.The “reason” there has been an increase in use with teens is due to the fact the the age bracket, which did include teens to a specific age of 16, but that has been changed. It now includes an older demographic that does have a higher use rate, but that age group has actually seen a decrease in use of Cannabis in the medical states. It is all about how you spin the data. I want to see the data so I can respond to the insanity of the Feds.

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