What We’ve Been Up To…

A lot of changes have been going on at iCannabisRadio.com. We have added new shows, cialis usa viagra changed up our production team, generic viagra and are now trying to promote ourselves as a station that offers all kinds of information on issues including law advice, cooking, current events ,health topics, cannabis and much more. We recently have had interviews with former New Mexico governor and current presidential candidate Gary Johnson as well as Dennis Peron and NJ Weedman. We have also had interviews with the Stanley Brothers of the National Geographic Channel’s “American Weed.” We are attempting to broaden our audience base and we’re excited to hear that we had won Best Radio to tune into while you’re tuning out by The Westword. This was a great honor for us and we hope to continue to move forward to provide better information and entertainment for our listeners.

Our current shows include:

  • Georgia and Amy
  • Cannabis Health News Magazine
  • The Edson Report
  • Sex Pot Radio
  • Thunderdome Radio
  • Overgrow the Radio
  • Behind the Curtain

And we hope to add more shows to the line-up for our listeners to enjoy.

House of hemp? Pushing cannabis as a construction material

LA Times
L.A. at Home
March 24, 2012 | 10:53 am

Woody Harrelson championed the environmental benefits of hemp. Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein incorporated it into their collections. Now a company promoting hemp as the eco-building material of the moment said it wants to build California’s first hemp house.

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Free membership with ACT4CO.org

The ACT4CO Board of Directors has decided to pursue a rather radical approach to membership in a business organization. We know how much of a struggle it is to meet the financial burdens placed on you by state, sildenafil seek local, viagra sale and now the federal governments.

Accordingly, we are no longer going to require membership dues to belong to ACT4CO.

Does that mean that we don’t need money?
No, as an organization we still need money to support the association, and industry. However we are going to ask for donations at our events and for some of the services and products we will offer. You get to decide how valuable something is to you and contribute what you can.

We are currently working on another series of educational seminars and will launch it as soon as we are able to have a way of broadcasting it to the entire Colorado cannabis community. That way you will not have to be in Denver to get the information. Additionally, we are working on a way to store these presentations on our website so you can look them up and download them for a nominal fee.
On the legislative front, we are relying on the strength of our growing membership and volunteer citizen lobbying efforts by our board to influence the direction of any state legislation affecting our patients and industry. We are also working with others in the cannabis community and beyond to build coalitions that can help protect and nurture our fledgling industry. Currently, that means ensuring the Responsible Vendor bill gets approved in a manner that enables anyone to develop a curriculuum and teach their program. It also means working to ensure the DUID bill does not adversely effect patients.

I’ve done about a dozen compliance assessments in the past few months. I know that the centers I’ve assessed are wanting to comply the rules otherwise they would not have asked me to do these reviews to be prepared for the MMED inspection. Still, I have found some commonalities in folks not understanding or misinterpreting the rules. I urge you to go to the ACT4CO website to see some key compliance issues that I am concerned about on behalf of the industry.

Additionally, ACT4CO is scheduling another compliance seminar for the evening of April 11th, so reserve that date on your calendars. This will be a reprise of the seminar we offered at the end of last year in which I presented a detailed review of the 120 point compliance checklist I created. The checklist will be available to all who attend for free. It is also going to be available on the website for a nominal fee.
We are working to get the seminar broadcast on line so folks outside of the Denver metro area will be able to get the information too. We will have an announcement prior to the meeting to let you know how to participate in the seminar. We also expect to be able to have a video recording of the seminar posted on our website.

Yesterday I, as a member of the MMED advisory workgroup, received an email from the MMED requesting a response to the following 5 questions. I would like to have your input on these questions so I can coallate and present them with the MMED on your behalf.

Here are the questions:

  1. What do you feel are the top six rules that are cumbersome, inefficient, or difficult to understand or put into practice?
  2. Why do these rules concern you? ?
  3. What rules do you feel work well?
  4. Why do these rules work well for you?

Please send me your responses via email ASAP.

Nicholas King, President

The Feds are coming, the Feds are coming (Gallup, Gallup, gallup)

This is where we need to stand up together as a community and demand that that John Walsh show us the research and data, viagra buy viagra put your money where your mouth is, case show us the data. The data can be spun in so many ways and until the information is put on the table by the Federal Government and WE THE PEOPLE make OUR decision about this issue this is unresolved.

The protection of our children and young people is of our utmost concern and to continue with the rhetoric that is spewing from the federal servants is to harm our children in the worst way. Our children see through the propaganda and lies that have been propagated for so many years, why do you think that we are at this point anyway?

I love you as a human, but your propaganda is profound.The “reason” there has been an increase in use with teens is due to the fact the the age bracket, which did include teens to a specific age of 16, but that has been changed. It now includes an older demographic that does have a higher use rate, but that age group has actually seen a decrease in use of Cannabis in the medical states. It is all about how you spin the data. I want to see the data so I can respond to the insanity of the Feds.

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Follow Edward “NJ Weedman” Forcion across the US

NJweedman, viagra generic viagra Edward Forcion, discount viagra cheap Jr., illness  has decided to drive his Weedmobil across the country to his trial in New Jersey. NJWeedman plans to leave Los Angeles around the 20th of March and head across the country meeting and greeting his supporters and other marijuana activists, enlightening the public to JURY NULLIFICATION, and signing his book “Public Enemy #420″. Filming everything, we are calling this a ROADAMENTARY (Road/Documentary) titled: ” 6 MORE WEEKS OF FREEDOM or NOT?”.

The State of New Jersey, NJ Gov Christopher Christie wage a “ungodly war on potheads” and  made the mistake of charging NJweedman on April 1st 2010 with a drug war offense, now his trial is set to begin April 10th, 2012.  He has decided to use a open advocation of Jury Nullification as a defense. (  SEE – http://home.njweedman.com/node/17  -) This is a David vs Golitah story for the modern ages. ( Citizen vs Government )

THE PROPOSED ROUTE AND ITERNIARY will be posted on this website – www.njweedman.com -, but the plan is to leave Los Angeles on March 20th, – If you live near one of these cities and want to help, or contribute please link up. ( BTW – NJWeedman will not be traveling with marijuana, so everyday he hopes to link up with a supporter or two who will smoke him out as he passes thru – ” NO SWAG”)



  • MARCH 21st – Las Vegas The first stop will be to stop and hangout with Los Marijuanos and HEMPVISIONTV http://www.hempvisiontv.com/
  • March 22nd – DENVER (Cannabis Health News Magazine)
  • March 23 – Kansas City  ( ???????NO PLANS YET)
  • March 24 – St Loius ( ?????????? no PLANS YET)
  • March 25 – Indianapolis (????????no PLANS YET)
  • March 26 – Cincinatti  ( Hanging out with the HAPPY HEMPTRESS – at HEMPROCK RADIO )
  • March 27 – Arkon ( just gonna chill with some local supporters who invited me)
  • March 28 – Pittsburg, Pa ( NORML CHAPTER – )
  • March 29th – Carlisle Pa  ( just gonna chill with some local supporters who invited me)
  • March 30th – Philadelphia
  • March 31st – Attend the “NULLIFY NOW CONFERENCE AT THE US CONSTITUTION CENTER – www.nullifynow.com/philadelphia  -“
  • APRIL 1st – enter New Jersey ( exactly 2 years after the arrest that has led to this trial ) – The plan is to cross into New Jersey over the Trenton “Makes the World Takes” bridge in Trenton and drive to the Governors mansion “DRUMTHWACKET 354 Stockton Street  Princeton, NJ 085404498 and call out the Governor!
  • NJWeedman wants to publicly demand that the Governor impliment the Medical Marijuana Act and order the Burlington County Prosecutors Office to give “NJWeedman a Constitutionally FAIR TRIAL”