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  1. To Whom It May Concern:

    Back when Abe Lincoln was President ThurlowWeed was one of his advisors he would turn to outside of the White House…..
    Now 150 years later he’s the hot new host of the Blunt Radio Show on Livewire Urban Radio. He’s the leading producer and creator of Cannabis educational shows with The Medicated Chef Show, and The Farmer George Show, as well as the former producer of The Morning Bake Show on and The Wake-N-Bake talk show.
    He’s the creator and producer of From Seed to Smoke growing show (coming soon), as well as the editor of the soon to be released magazines, The Medicated Chef, From Seed to Smoke, Cannabis Incorporated, and Marijuana Inc.
    Medical Marijuana Patient, and Cannabis activist ThurlowWeed is also the mastermind and driving force behind the Pause 4 the Cause Fundraiser.

    Blunt radio on is re-launching as we decided to build up awareness and new listeners as well as help out the community this Holiday Season by organizing a fundraiser for food banks, homeless shelters and other non profits that help the less fortunate. Blunt radio is hosted by ThurlowWeed, Dj FXP (A.K.A. Dr. DB Kush), AoneSick, and V Jams. Combined they have over 20 years radio experience. Together the quick witted, quirky team educates listeners about cannabis and medical cannabis, while keeping up to date with cannabis news across the nation. Interviewing guests from; top politicians and public figures, to doctors, actors, musician, activists, and patients. It’s sure to be the leading show of its kind. You can check them out at or

    The Blunt radio show has teamed up with sponsors and non-profits creating the Pause for the Cause fundraiser to help the homeless and needy families eat and stay warm during the 2011 holiday season.

    ThurlowWeed will be living homeless on a billboard in Denver, Co from Nov 1st to Dec 31st 2011 building awareness for the nationwide fundraiser. The nation will be able to follow Thurlow’s every move 24/7 online at, via video or on Twitter, Myspace, FaceBook, Daily buds and Haze nations social media sites. He will be conducting interviews with activists, politicians, actors, musicians, as well as medical cannabis patients.

    Our hope is to bring the medical marijuana community together in a positive experience helping the less fortunate. We want to address the nation to bring more information on the importance of legalizing medical marijuana for those patients in need of medication to cope with their struggles of daily life.

    We would like for your organization to be involved. For more information please contact us at or call Mattie at 970-640-9509. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  2. I went to the Muskogee, OK, vetrans hospital September 6, 2012. I was told the VA would no longer refill or prescribe pain pills I you smoke pot. That makes no logic.

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