Agricultural Apocalypse

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Imagine wearing a mask just to go through you day, discount viagra and just to breathe. Dirt grit perpetually in your teeth and covering your windows with sheets and blankets in a futile attempt to stop the dirt from sifting into your home and food becomes scarce on the shelves at the supermarket. Breathing, cialis sale eating a meal, and walking the dog, are no longer simple, but moment to moment challenges.

This has happened, for eight years during the 1930’s, after decades of extensive farming without crop rotation and other mitigation techniques, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Nebraska were ground zero for the Dust Bowl. It came in a yellowish-brown cloud from the South and in a black blizzard from the North, causing major economic, ecological and agricultural damage to American and Canadian farmlands.

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Jason Lauve forced to leave public Court House: The Cop Said So

This was a very telling situation and left me with no recourse. I never saw an order against me and the police NEVER took my name; even after my insisting over and over to make a record of this incident. I was told that Judge Martinez wrote the order and if I wanted to address it, generic viagra here to go see him… However, seek I was threatened with trespassing (in a public building) if I entered and not for possessing my medicine.

I was told that my medicine was the reason I am not allowed in the court house, but Article 18-14 (Colorado Amendment 20) protects my rights to have my medicine. I have been in and out of this building over 30 times in the prior three weeks with my medicine and it wasn’t a problem until then.

There were two other incidents where the D.A.and/or prosecution physically assaulted a person for taking pictures in a public space and the other was physically harassed in front of the courthouse.

After observing the trials of caregiver Elisa Kappelmann and then cancer patient Bob Crouse, both tried in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, where D.A. Dan May commands (read dictates to) his prosecutors and The Metro Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence Division (VNI) to do his bidding, I am convinced that there is widespread corruption coming from the D.A.’s office and this may even include some judges too.

The VNI detectives, such as Detective Lehmkuhl, lied consistently in both trials; how many people are being railroaded by these cronies?

D.A. Dan May and all law enforcement who continue to lie and think that they can create their own rules, should be removed from their jobs, as they have not been able to demonstrate a competent level of knowledge about the laws of Colorado, and their behavior is socially unacceptable.

Forest Fire Damage, Healed By Hemp

The non-drug hemp plant could be an integral part of the reforestation projects that are necessary after large forest fires to mitigate mud slides and flooding, discount viagra physician but in 1937 the plant was branded “illegal, viagra sales try ” not through scientific evaluation, pharmacy but by the DEA for political, corporate gain, and social control issues.

The High Park fire burn area in Fort Collins, as well as the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado Springs, were disastrous. The now barren, hydrophobic soil (also known as non-wettability) poses other problems. As The Gazette in Colorado Springs puts it “Soil Takes Over As Top Threat” and we should take this very seriously. Rain washes over the top soil and the result of the ash filled runoff are floods and land slides. Hemp grows very fast and can establish a strong carpet of roots that would stabilize the soil, in specific areas, to help mitigate the damage of erosion. Other plants will take months, and sometimes years, to reveal their sprouting green seedlings.

Forest fires have an impact on local rainfall as well. The heat at the ground level can reach 600? centigrade which vaporizes tree tars and plant materials releasing tiny particles (aerosols), into the ground and atmosphere. The ground layer is impermeable and prevents water from reaching the soil. Sometimes this hydrophobic layer can persist for years, especially if it is relatively thick, up to three inches in depth. In the atmosphere, creating high concentrations of aerosols, the local climate is affected by increasing cloud formation and decreasing rainfall. Cloud droplets form around the aerosol particles, but may never grow large enough to fall as rain (researchers with NASA have studied this effect). Large forest fires also have the effect of reducing rainfall, compounding the issue by leaving burned areas more prone to dryness and future fires.

Over time, as plants regenerate and growth resumes, plant roots, soil micro-organisms, and soil fauna will break down the hydrophobic layer. Hemp can initiate this process and accomplish in weeks, what would take months for other plants. Our health and wellbeing comes from the community working together and making our own choices, not from a government that tells us what to do. Coloradoans are very much about States Rights and individual freedoms, as we know about the place we live in. It is our responsibility to implement strategies that work for us, and in the case of environmental stewardship, hemp can help mitigate the damage of forest fires.

Activism At D.A. Dan May’s office in Colorado Springs

Monday July 30th at 10:00am there is going to be a protest in front of the El Paso County D.A.’s office in Colorado Springs for D.A. Dan May and his prosecutors.

105 E. Vermijo
Colorado Springs, best cialis order Co

Greetings, and

On Monday July 30 at 10am, C4CPR and it’s Supporters will hold a rally in front of D.A Dan Mays office. Previously, I had sent letters to Barbara Miller, Dan May, the Chief of Police and our local VNI” regarding its policies and procedures towards cannabis patients and businesses. I have yet to hear from Barbara Miller and Dan May to this date. I received the typical responses from VNI. The citizens of Colorado Springs would like to send a message to Dan and his department regarding blatant harassment of patients and businesses that are within the laws set forth in our Constitution!

Our D.A. and the C.S.P.D. use scare tactics and excessive force to maliciously prosecute those that are operating under the law. The cost to the taxpayers is unknown, however according to C.B.I., El Paso County has the HIGHEST (no pun intended) number of MMJ cases being brought before the court system in the state!

Why is Dan May trying to prosecute those within the law? The main reason being, Dan has his sights set on Attorney General. Using scare tactics to get patients to take a plea is a win for him. Those that are not fazed, take their cases to trial and win. Those that are given misinformation by the department have been scared into taking a plea deal when it wasn’t necessary. It’s no secret about Dan’s views on MMJ, in fact he has went so far as to pad the truth and flat out lie at hearings regarding MMJ.

We demand that Dan May and his Department, READ and FOLLOW the laws in OUR state regarding MMJ patient and business rights. We demand actual investigation when accusations towards patients and businesses arise, as in Chuck Balls case. We demand that training and education of the C.S.P.D. and the D.A.s office regarding the local MMJ laws take place immediately! Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars are being wasted each day bringing those within the law before the courts. This must STOP NOW! Concentrate on the REAL CRIMINALS AND LEAVE US ALONE!!!

We have several activists and supporters in the state joining us for next weeks rally and we are very grateful to them all!

C4CPR is a Colorado Springs based cannabis non-profit founded by Audrey Hatfield in 2010. For more information:

Audrey Hatfield
President C4CPR

Hemp Bill Signed By Governor Hickenlooper

As of July 1st, viagra generic cialis 2012, Colorado is now moving forward with the Industrial Hemp Remediation Pilot Program, HB12-1099.

Phytoremediation (from the Ancient Greek ???? (phytoplant), and Latin remedium (restoring balance or

remediation) describes the treatment of environmental problems (bioremediation) through the use of plants that mitigate the environmental problem without the need to excavate the contaminant material and dispose of it elsewhere.

Phytoremediation consists of mitigating pollutant concentrations in contaminated soils, water, or air, with plants able to contain, degrade, or eliminate metals, pesticides, solvents, explosives, crude oil and its derivatives, and various other contaminants from the media that contain them.


The data collected from the non-drug hemp remediation pilot program will help determine the economic impact of the changes in the ecosystem and their benefit. With the policy change of researching non-drug hemp and its impact on the ecosystem, the changes in ecosystem services and thus the impacts on human welfare will determine the programs effectiveness. The Mechanism of transport is in the root zone, starting in the rhizosphere area in the soil.

Economic Potentials of the pilot program include:

• increase the usable land area for agriculture; restore proper pH balance in the soil and water
• improved hunting, bird watching and fishing habitats
• Flood attenuation (uS$ 772/ per acre)
• industrial and domestic wastewater treatment (uS$ 265/ per acre per year).
• Co2 Sequestering: (a damage cost of uS $10 per ton of carbon per year)
• H2o remediation of pharmaceutical contamination


• Phytoremediation costs 5% to 10% vs. landfill costs
• 90% reduction in waste volume
• 90% to 95% reduction in metals from water
• less Surface disturbance
• Wildfire mitigation and stabilization of soils

Why Hemp?

• low Water use (12”-15” and up per year, depending on the use of the crop)
• low to Zero Pesticide and Hebicide requirements
• Hemp Kills Noxious Weeds
• High Metals uptake
• High Survival Tolerance
• erosion Mitigation
• More Studies Needed

The Pilot Program would specifically:

• Create a set of data that would determine the effective remediation capacities of hemp
• demonstrate that hemp can aid in improving soil conditions for the production of food crops
• demonstrate the economic potentials for using hemp in remediation projects
• demonstrate that hemp can remediate contaminants from water and air

Hemp Bill Passes Senate, On To Gov. Hickenlooper

On May 9th Mr. Lauve’s bill, generic viagra store  HB12-1099, the Phytoremediation Hemp Remediation Pilot Program, passed the Colorado Senate with an overwhelming supportive vote of 32-2.

(read more here) Check out the comments too.




Phytoremediation Hemp Remediation Pilot Program

House Sponsors

W. McKinley (D)

Senate Sponsors

S. Williams (D)
L. Tochtrop (D)


The chair of the agriculture, livestock, and natural resources committee in the house of representatives and the chair of the agriculture, natural resources, and energy committee in the senate will appoint 7 members to the industrial hemp remediation pilot program committee (committee). The committee will establish an industrial hemp remediation pilot program (pilot program) to study how soils and water may be made more pristine and healthy by phytoremediation, removal of contaminants, and rejuvenation through the growth of industrial hemp. The committee consists of members with various scientific backgrounds and with knowledge about the growth of industrial hemp. The growth of industrial hemp is prohibited until the commissioner of agriculture (commissioner) approves the site chosen by the committee, the security measures that have been put in place by the committee at the pilot program location, and the cleanup plan for the site at the conclusion of the pilot program. The committee will make a final report of its findings and submit the report to the commissioner. The committee may accept gifts, grants, and donations for the pilot program. The pilot program is repealed on July 1, 2022.

Amendments out of Committee

Bill News


House Committee

Local Government

Senate Committee

Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy


Senate ThirdReadingPassed (05/09/2012)

Link to Full Text

Full Text of Bill (05/09/2012)

Link to Lobbyists


Link to Bill Versions

Bill Versions

Link to Fiscal Notes

Fiscal Notes (04/16/2012)

Link to History


House Votes

House Votes

Senate Votes

Senate Votes

Vote Totals

Vote Totals by Party

01/18/2012 Introduced In House – Assigned to Local Government
02/13/2012 House Committee on Local Government Refer Unamended to Appropriations
Vote of 11-0 a unanimous approval

04/10/2012 House Committee on Appropriations Refer Amended to House Committee of the Whole
Vote of 10-3 in favor of the bill

04/12/2012 House Second Reading Laid Over Daily
04/17/2012 House Second Reading Passed with Amendments
04/18/2012 House Third Reading Laid Over Daily
04/24/2012 House Third Reading Passed
Vote of 56-8-1 in favor of the bill (for-against-absent)

04/25/2012 Introduced In Senate – Assigned to Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy
05/02/2012 Senate Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy Refer Unamended to Legislative Council
Vote of 6-0-1 a unanimous approval (for-against-absent)

05/04/2012 Senate Committee on Legislative Council Refer Unamended to Finance
05/04/2012 Senate Committee on Finance Refer Unamended to Appropriations
05/04/2012 Senate Committee on Finance Re-Refer Unamended to Appropriations
05/07/2012 Senate Committee on Appropriations Refer Unamended to Senate Committee of the Whole
Vote of 8-1 in favor of the bill

05/08/2012 Senate Second Reading Special Order – Passed
05/09/2012 Senate Third Reading Reconsidered
05/09/2012 Senate Third Reading Passed
05/09/2012 Senate Third Reading Passed
Vote of 32-2 in favor of the bill

Final Votes by Party for Bill: HB12-1099





Democrats 51 0 1
Republicans 38 10 0


Lobbyists for HB12-1099


Lobbyist Name





5 Colglazier, Nicholas 01/2012 Supporting Colorado Farm Bureau
02/2012 Supporting COUNTY OF WELD, COLORADO
11 OKEEFE, MARGARET-MARY S 02/2012 Monitoring CBA


US Should Allow Hemp Farming

To the Editor:
In a recent press release opposing legislation to allow farmers to grow industrial hemp, cialis sildenafil the White House drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske, has shown a stunning ignorance about the plant, stating ”all parts of the plant, including hemp, can contain THC (a psychoactive ingredient in marijuana), a Schedule I controlled substance.” In the world of scientific reality, the amounts of THC found in industrial hemp – even in the flowers – are so minute as to be meaningless. But the amounts of THC found in hemp fiber are so low as to be undetectable, which is why hemp fiber products are legal in the United States.

A few examples of the usefulness of industrial hemp are in order. Because of its resistance to degrading, American hemp was the best product for ship’s ropes and rigging during our American Revolution and financed a large part of it. The oil from pressed hemp seeds is both nutritious (highest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids) and can be used as a diesel biofuel. The resultant seed cake rivals soy as a protein source and has essential amino acids. The long fibers from the plant make an excellent source for fabric and high-grade paper (the original drafts of our Constitution were made from hemp paper). The rest of the biomass can be used as a nutritious animal feedstock. It has a thick root system with a taproot over three feet long, markedly lessening desertification (soil loss/runoff). Finally, since the biochemistry of the plant kingdom differs, the hemp plant does better with increasing ultraviolet radiation (think ozone hole), the rice plant does not, making hemp seed cakes a much more valuable nutrition source as we advance into the 21st century.

However, Kerelikowske also said ”America’s farmers deserve our nation’s help and support to ensure rural America’s prosperity and vitality.”

Every other industrial nation allows hemp farming. In a time of economic recession, we should be promoting industrial hemp for its economic potential, especially since the American climate is very suitable for producing high quality hemp and the world market is growing.

The simplest and most effective way to start this economic progress is to completely remove hemp from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration drug Schedule I, which prohibits it. This change could be made immediately by a presidential order to the DEA drug czar.

I remember President Obama campaigning on effective change. The time to start is now.

Gene Tinelli

Is Colorado University of Boulder Violating Constitution? Looks Like It!

CU Boulder has been the location for the 4/20 right to use Cannabis protests for years and now they want to violate our Constitutionally protected Rights.

This is a quote pulled from the Denver Post yesterday: (link)

Those not affiliated with CU-Boulder will not be permitted on campus and face tickets for trespassing. Those cited for trespassing face punishment of up to six months in jail and a $750 fine. District Attorney Stan Garnett has discussed April 20 enforcement operations with CU Police officials. His office will handle the prosecution of those who receive tickets. “As always, viagra healing the District Attorney’s Office will work to support the efforts of the CU Police Department,” Garnett said.”

This is only weeks after Boulder D.A Stan Garnett sent U.S. Attorney John Walsh a letter that sent a very different and encouraging message. In the letter, Garnett recommended law enforcement focus instead on “terrorism, serious economic crime, organized crime and serious drug dealing (involving significant amounts of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine).”

The threats are now directed back at We The People for walking on CU Boulder’s campus, an activity the public has participated in since the campus opened as a public institution in 1877. This is a direct attack on our Rights and must be confronted with truth and education.

It is strange how law enforcement has stepped up their threats and how they refuse to protect the will of the people, especially as we head towards November’s elections and a vote to possibly legalize Cannabis in Colorado.  This is a free speech issue and 420 is a protest expressing the problems with Cannabis prohibition.

Stan Garnett may be doing his job and we must do ours, this is still a movement and that movement requires WE THE PEOPLE to stand up and protest against what is inherently wrong and stand up for that which is in our best interests.

America is amazing because we have the right to express our individual beliefs in regards to our health, religion and in regards to using Cannabis as we choose, among so many other areas. Remove the government from our bodies and lifestyles!

Stan Garnett sent me a Facebook message, “The issues with 4/20 are public safety/public order issues, not use of marijuana issues. I think the whole 4/20 event is counterproductive to the legalization effort, but we will treat whatever tickets we get individually and on a case by case basis.”

This is not about my personal opinion of the legalization effort, it is about the right of WE THE PEOPLE to protest.  I agree that public safety is a very important issue and should be handled as such. These include simple services such as access to bathrooms and first aid as well as peace officers stationed in places where people can get help if they need it, among other things. In past years of the 420 protest, there have been few safety/public order issues and the closure is unwarranted.

In fact, the response of CU Police could result in a riot. With a potential attendance of over 15,000 people and the probability that police will violate people’s Rights, the likelihood of problems is increased substantially.

There are quite a few problems with what CU Police are threatening to do. Many people walk through CU Boulder as it is right in the middle of the city, do they are they going to be given tickets for trespassing? Sounds like unfair treatment and use of a law.

At this point, if you get a ticket, take it to court and fight it. Unfortunately this will cost the city quite a bit of money either way. Keep in mind we have a weak economy and the city will do what they can to take more from you. One person said that this is another way to extort more money from the public.

Stan Garnett did respond to my request for an interview and we are aiming to meet this week. I plan to address the communication with John Walsh as well as the situation that is being created by the 420 events in Boulder. I am hoping a positive relationship, between the city and the people, can result from this years protest.

CU Boulder should retract this IMMEDIATELY, before the police create a situation where a riot may start.  Try working with us as people and things will get better instead of worse. Government control is too totalitarian at this time and WE THE PEOPLE must STAND UP to protect our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!

From what I understand, the government is not allowed to discriminate against activities due to the controversial content of the message. If we demonstrate that similar events have been allowed in the past, in which their was city involvement, that can be used as precedence, and that the government is involved in selective enforcement.

Please write letters NOW to the media demanding a retraction of the 420 articles and that a CORRECTION is printed saying this is a CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED PROTEST!

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