Activism At D.A. Dan May’s office in Colorado Springs

Monday July 30th at 10:00am there is going to be a protest in front of the El Paso County D.A.’s office in Colorado Springs for D.A. Dan May and his prosecutors.

I Was Stroked
by Steve Boorstein

Please take 4 minutes to listen to my latest song for stroke survivors and loved ones: Web LINK Be sure to play it loud!!

Performed by:
Ray Smith on vocals, guitar, organ, bass & drums
Cari Minor on vocals
Jeb Bows on Violin (Plays with Brandi Carlile)

Cannabis should be a medicinal ally, but we’ve put it on the wrong side of the drug war

We have a drug problem. Its victims include the very young, the very old and everyone in between.

According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, the number of babies born addicted to opiates has nearly tripled in the last decade. Overdose death rates for the elderly increased twofold from 1999 to 2006. In 2009, drug-induced deaths exceeded deaths from motor vehicle accidents. The culprit: legal prescription painkillers. (Read More)

Happy Muddy Hole Days, May 12-13th

In 1762, “Virginia awarded bounties for hempculture and manufacture, and imposed penalties upon those who did not produce it.”

Three years later, from George Washington’s Diary…
May 12-13 1765: “Sowed Hemp at Muddy hole by Swamp.”

Hemp Bill Passes Colorado Senate

Colorado may be the first state in the nation to grow hemp since the 1940s and the WW II Hemp For Victory campaign!
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US should allow hemp farming

To the Editor:
In a recent press release opposing legislation to allow farmers to grow industrial hemp, the White House drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske, has shown a stunning ignorance about the plant, stating ”all parts of the plant, including hemp, can contain THC (a psychoactive ingredient in marijuana), a Schedule I controlled substance.” In the world of scientific reality, the amounts of THC found in industrial hemp – even in the flowers – are so minute as to be meaningless. But the amounts of THC found in hemp fiber are so low as to be undetectable, which is why hemp fiber products are legal in the United States.  (Read More Here)

“I didn’t care if I died – I was completely insane.”

That’s what 23-year-old Daniel Chong told reporters after he was abandoned in his cell for 5 days after a 4/20 Drug Enforcement Agency raid at UC San Diego.1 Handcuffed, alone and forgotten in a windowless, 5×10′ room without food or water, (Read More and DO Something about this)

Feds’ pot response differs in California, Colorado

Forget about “Rocky Mountain High.” In Colorado, the medical marijuana industry is a tightly regulated amalgam of businesses policed by gun-toting agents of the state’s Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division.

While medical marijuana providers in California are wary of stepped-up federal law enforcement, comparable businesses in Colorado are confident that despite growing pains, their industry – enshrined in the state’s Constitution – will continue to thrive.

“We are on an even keel and moving forward,” said Jason Lauve, board member of the Association of Cannabis Trades for Colorado and publisher of Cannabis Health News magazine.

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The Colorado Patient Voter Project: Hold Obama Accountable

On January 12, 2012, the United States Attorney in Colorado, John Walsh, an Obama administration appointee, launched an attack on state-legal medical marijuana providers in the state. He sent letters to 23 medical marijuana centers, informing them that they were located in areas deemed problematic by the federal government and would have to shut down within 45 days. If not, the federal government would seize their assets.

These medical marijuana centers are operating in full compliance with state and local laws and ordinances. Since 2009, the Obama administration has said repeatedly, and as recently as December 2011 during testimony by Attorney General Eric Holder before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, that it would not use its limited resources to go after individuals acting in compliance with state law. Read More



This is a disgraceful comment by Mitt Romney.
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Phytoremediation Hemp Remediation Pilot Program Moves Forward

Today, there was a hearing for the House Committee on Local Government for HB12-1099 the “Phytoremediation Hemp Remediation Pilot Program” Bill, sponsored by Representative Wes McKinley (D) and Representative Jerry Sonnenberg (D) to give testimony for the Bill. Erik Hunter, Jason Lauve and Lynda Parker as well as Rep. Wes McKinley gave their testimony about the economic, environmental and social impacts of this test program for hemp.

After over an hour of questions, a unanimous vote of the 11 Colorado State Representatives to refer the Bill unamended to the Appropriations Committee.

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Hemp bill in Colorado legislature risks more headaches with feds

By John Ingold
The Denver Post

With a deadline looming at the end of this month in the most dramatic federal-state showdown yet in Colorado over marijuana, a state lawmaker has proposed a bill that would raise another cannabis clash. (Read More…)

Drugged Driving… Putting Science In Prison

Colorado just started a “Drugged Driving Is Impaired Driving” campaign that is completely propagandist.  To infer that someone had an accident because they have Cannabis in their system does not mean it caused the accident, that is absurd to think that way. Look at the science and stop profiling us.  Read More…